Cyril Degeorge

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Experimental gingivitis provides a useful model for studying the initiation of periodontal disease in man. This study evaluated over a 4-week period the Plaque Index (PLI), Gingival Bleeding Time Index (GBTI), and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) for resting and flow volume as well as the concentration and total activity of three enzymes in the GCF (lactate(More)
We describe an ultrasonic instrument for continuous real-time analysis of the fractional mixture of a binary gas system. The instrument is particularly well suited to measurement of leaks of a high molecular weight gas into a system that is nominally composed of a single gas. Sensitivity < 5 × 10(-5) is demonstrated to leaks of octaflouropropane (C3F8)(More)
We describe a combined ultrasonic instrument for continuous gas flow measurement and simultaneous real-time binary gas mixture analysis. In the instrument, sound bursts are transmitted in opposite directions, which may be aligned with the gas flow path or at an angle to it, the latter configuration being the best adapted to high flow rates. Custom(More)
Precision ultrasonic measurements in binary gas systems provide continuous real-time monitoring of mixture composition and flow. Using custom microcontroller-based electronics, we have developed an ultrasonic instrument, with numerous potential applications, capable of making continuous high-precision sound velocity measurements. The instrument measures(More)
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