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The ability to perceive affect was examined in 19 patients with Alzheimer's disease and in 19 control subjects. Nine tasks were given. All participants were asked to recognize facial emotion, to provide verbal labels of facial emotion, and to identify emotion portrayed in drawings or in verbal descriptions of emotional situations. The results indicate that(More)
This paper presents a type theory in which it is possible to directly manipulate n-dimensional cubes (points, lines, squares, cubes, etc.) based on an interpretation of dependent type theory in a cubical set model. This enables new ways to reason about identity types, for instance, function extensionality is directly provable in the system. Further,(More)
Fifty normal kindergarten and 50 first-grade children were examined three times at six-month intervals for synkineses to stress gaits and mirror movements to finger lifting, finger spreading, and timed motor maneuvers. Motor signs in the age-sensitive range showed substantial individual differences between children of the same chronological age. The(More)
This paper reports on a six-year collaborative effort that culminated in a complete formalization of a proof of the Feit-Thompson Odd Order Theorem in the Coq proof assistant. The formalized proof is constructive , and relies on nothing but the axioms and rules of the founda-tional framework implemented by Coq. To support the formalization, we developed a(More)
This paper describes a formalization of discrete real closed fields in the Coq proof assistant. This abstract structure captures for instance the theory of real algebraic numbers, a decidable subset of real numbers with good algorithmic properties. The theory of real algebraic numbers and more generally of semi-algebraic varieties is at the core of a number(More)
Merci beaucoup à Lydie puis à Valérie ainsi qu'à Martine pour avoir toujours su m'accueillir avec le sourire, malgré tout ce que j'ai eu à vous demander, et pour avoir réglé tous mes problèmes avec une efficacité remarquable. Je n'en serais pas là sans ceux dont les enseignements ont marqué ma vie. Merci à Nicolas Tosel, pour m'avoir initié à l'algèbre.(More)
The temporal organizations of unimanual and coordinated bimanual finger tapping was compared between adolescent normal and retarded readers of above average intelligence. The same subjects were examined for speech articulation during the timed repetition of single syllables and syllable sequences. Retarded readers had substantially greater difficulty on(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a reliable and valid test of cognitive function suitable for patients with severe cognitive impairment. DESIGN Administration of a test; test-retest reliability; comparison to traditional test. SETTING Chronic long-term-care facility. PATIENTS OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS The participants were 40 elderly residents with severe cognitive(More)
Groups of 50 normal kindergarten and 50 first-grade children were examined three times at six-month intervals on the extended neuromotor examination for children, as well as on measures of reading achievement and language performance. The joint effect of five neuromotor measures accounted for a substantial percentage of variance in reading achievement and(More)
This paper shows a construction in Coq of the set of real algebraic numbers, together with a formal proof that this set has a structure of discrete Archimedean real closed field. This construction hence implements an interface of real closed field. Instances of such an interface immediately enjoy quantifier elimination thanks to a previous work. This work(More)