Cyril Cambournac

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—We demonstrate a very compact multifunctional pho-tonic-crystal demultiplexer on high index contrast InP-membrane for coarse WDM applications. Polarization diversity is implemented using 2D-grating couplers. The performance of the device is evaluated using integrated p-in photodetectors. Polarization diversity from fiber to detector—without intermediate(More)
We demonstrate the integration of a 30% efficient grating coupler with a compact photonic crystal wavelength demultiplexer (DeMUX). The DeMUX has seven output channels that are spaced 10 nm apart and is aimed at coarse WDM applications. The integrated devices are realized on a high-index-contrast InP membrane using a simple benzocyclobutene wafer bonding(More)
We report the experimental observation of the elliptically polarized fundamental vector soliton of isotropic Kerr media and its unique polarization evolution. This was achieved in the spatial domain in a nonbirefringent CS2 planar waveguide.
—In this paper, we implement on a silicon-on-insulator (SoI) platform a photonic-crystal demultiplexer that operates on the principle of mini-stopbands of broader waveguides. Previous InP-based membrane versions showed modest crosstalk at 10 nm spacing. Here, we implement a second cavity in the form of a second parallel waveguide almost identical to the(More)
A decade of measuring ultrashort pulses. Induced modulation instability and recurrence in nematic liquid crystals. Impact of nonlocal interactions in dissipative systems : Towards minimal-sized localized structures. Tailoring the phase-matching function for ultrashort pulse characterization by spectral shearing interferometry.sar. Photon pair source based(More)
RESUME Nous présentons quelques résultats théoriques et expérimentaux préliminaires sur la propagation de faisceaux solitons dans un cristal liquide en phase nématique planaire. La variation non linéaire de l'indice de réfraction est causée par la réorientation photoinduite, non locale et non instantanée, des molécules constituant le cristal. Elle autorise(More)
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