Cyril A Thix

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RATIONALE Acute lung injury (ALI) is an inflammatory disorder characterized by hypoxemia and diffuse infiltration of neutrophils into the alveolar space. The migration and extravasation of neutrophils is guided through positive guidance cues, such as chemokines. Recent work has identified the neuronal guidance protein netrin-1 to be a negative guidance cue(More)
The introduction of a prospective per case reimbursement system in the year 2004 in Germany put the high end intensive care medicine to a considerable financial risk on the basis of risk selection and high maintenance costs. To face this situation, the German Interdisciplinary Union for Intensive Care Medicine (DIVI) suggested to encode intensive care(More)
To the Editor: Dr Krasuski and colleagues investigated the association of intraoperative patent foramen ovale (PFO) closure with perioperative outcomes and long-term survival. The study found that the risk of perioperative stroke was not associated with closure of a PFO at the time of incidental intraoperative discovery. Technical advancement and the(More)
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