Cyrielle Tricoire

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PURPOSE To characterize the expression of the bone morphogenetic protein-1 (BMP-1)/tolloid-like proteinases (collectively called BTPs), which include BMP-1, mammalian tolloid (mTLD), and mammalian tolloid-like 1 (mTLL-1) and 2 (mTLL-2), as well as the associated proteins procollagen C-proteinase enhancers (PCPE-1 and -2), in corneal scarring. METHODS(More)
A seven-year oceanographic time series in NW Mediterranean surface waters was combined with pyrosequencing of ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA) and ribosomal RNA gene copies (16S rDNA) to examine the environmental controls on SAR11 ecotype dynamics and potential activity. SAR11 diversity exhibited pronounced seasonal cycles remarkably similar to total bacterial(More)
ALK is a receptor tyrosine kinase with an oncogenic role in various types of human malignancies. Despite constitutive activation of the kinase through gene alterations, such as chromosomal translocation, gene amplification or mutation, treatments with kinase inhibitors invariably lead to the development of resistance. Aiming to develop new tools for ALK(More)
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