Cyrielle Franchi

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Fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia is a frequent disease in humans where alloantibodies against platelet Ags lead to platelet destruction and hemorrhage. Although a role in the disease for Abs against MHC has been suspected, this has not been formally demonstrated. Since 2007, a hemorrhagic syndrome due to thrombocytopenia and designated as bovine(More)
Microinjection of 200 ng carbachol into the midbrain tegmentum of awake toads increases the duration of tonic immobility episodes induced by postural inversion maneuvers and by movement restriction. These increases were statistically significant when compared to those induced in untreated animals and in animals microinjected with an equivalent volume (0.2(More)
The expression and subcellular distribution of liver cPKC alpha and beta, nPKC delta and aPKC zeta isoenzymes and the plasma levels of fibrinogen were measured in young, 2- and 6-month-old, and aged, 24-month-old, normal and turpentine-treated rats, to induce an aseptic inflammatory condition and the acute-phase response. In young and old rats a(More)
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