Cynthia Washam

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An agar medium containing arginine and calcium citrate as specific substrates, diffusible (K(2)HPO(4)) and undiffusible (CaCO(3)) buffer systems, and bromocresol purple as the pH indicator was developed to differentiate among lactic streptococci in pure and mixed cultures. Milk was added as the sole source of carbohydrate (lactose) and to provide(More)
Glass wool, nonabsorbent cotton, fiberglass filter medium, and a commercial absolute filter were tested for effectiveness in removing aerosolized bacterial viruses under low flow rate (1 ft(3)/min) and high flow rate (10 to 25 ft(3)/min) air-flow conditions. Special equipment was designed for measurement of filter efficiencies under the two air-flow(More)
Preparative isolation of the active component(s) in skim milk whey inhibitory for propionibacteria was made by using (NH(4))(2)SO(4) salt fractionation. The crude preparation was further purified by Sephadex G-100 column separation. Disc-gel electrophoresis of the active peak from the Sephadex elution pattern (peak I) showed that this fraction contained(More)
Tobacco harm reduction—encouraging the use of cigarette alternatives as a way to reduce the public health impact of smoking—is the subject of fierce debate in the public health community. Some believe such alternatives perpetuate nicotine addiction in smokers and may even be manufactured and marketed specifically to keep smokers smoking. 3 " The goal should(More)