Cynthia Traub

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Acknowledgements To my advisor, John Shareshian. I am grateful for our many conversations and the chance to experience your viewpoint of learning and doing mathematics. Thank you for inspiring me and forming me into a better mathematician. To Jesús De Loera, from whom I learned about my thesis problem. You have been a constant source of encouragement and(More)
In this paper, we classify and compute the convex foldings of a particular rhombus that are obtained via a zipper folding along the boundary of the shape. In the process, we explore computational aspects of this problem; in particular, we outline several useful techniques for computing both the edge set of the final polyhedron and its three-dimensional(More)
We obtain a complete classification of all simple closed geodesics on the eight convex deltahedra by solving a related graph coloring problem. Geodesic segments in the neighborhood of each deltahedron vertex produce a limited number of crossing angles with deltahedron edges. We define a coloring on the edge graph of a deltahedron based on these angles, and(More)
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