Cynthia Thomas

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Despite considerable progress in the epidemiology of late life depressive disorders, the determinants and course of late life depressive symptoms remain unclear. The apparent reciprocal relationship between depression and disability, a consistent finding in cross-sectional studies further confounds efforts to estimate the importance of depressive symptoms(More)
We have measured the inhibition of the mutagenicity of the mycotoxin aflatoxin-B(1) in the liver of the rat by plant material of Scutellaria baicalensis, or Huang-qin. The addition of one percent dried Huang-qin to the feed of the animals reduced the mutant frequency of a subsequent administration of aflatoxin-B1 by approximately 60 and 77%, respectively,(More)
Because of the Medicare program, a common assumption is made that virtually all older Americans have health insurance coverage. Data from the 2000 National Health Interview Survey were analyzed to estimate the number of people aged 65 and older without health insurance; their stated reasons for being uninsured; and the associations between lack of insurance(More)
Lack of information about medications coupled with high rates of utilization complicates compliance with medication regimens and increases the risk of adverse effects among older adults. We undertook a study of the efficacy of community-based interventions by pharmacists in a randomly-allocated one-half of a sample of 284 older adults considered to be at(More)
Research concerning gay and bisexual men diagnosed with prostate cancer is sparse. An online focus group was conducted over a 4-week period with participants responding to a range of discussion questions concerning their experiences following a prostate cancer diagnosis. Emerging themes were identified and consensus reached. A summary of each of the themes(More)
Over the course of a three year observation and study period, some 6% of a representative community residing urban elderly population were admitted to nursing homes. Nearly half of this group were still living in nursing homes at the end of this observation period. One third had died after entering the nursing home, and the remaining people had returned to(More)
BACKGROUND This paper provides the findings from a large pilot study, Defining and Measuring Elder Abuse and Neglect, a precursor to a national prevalence study to be conducted in Canada beginning in September 2013. One purpose of this study and the focus of this paper was to determine whether a life course perspective would provide a useful framework for(More)
We have developed an inexpensive portable microarray reader that can be applied to standard microscope slide-based arrays and other array formats printed on chemically modified surfaces. Measuring only 19 cm in length, the imaging device is portable and may be applicable to both triage and clinical settings. For multiplexing and adaptability purposes, it(More)