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Linking smallholder land use and fire activity: examining biomass burning in the Brazilian Lower Amazon
Abstract Landscape forest flammability and regional biomass burning are critical environmental issues associated to fire use practices in the Brazilian Amazon. To better understand the gamut of theseExpand
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Potential hazards of land policy: Conservation, rural development and fire use in the Brazilian Amazon
Abstract With growing awareness of fire hazard as an environmental threat within tropical rainforests, the state of Brazil initiated a set of fire control policies aimed at monitoring andExpand
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Contributions of Fire Use Study to Land Use/Cover Change Frameworks: Understanding Landscape Change in Agricultural Frontiers
The impact of fire use and hazard in frontier settlement is a critical environmental concern that has been historically overshadowed by deforestation issues- and thus underexamined at local andExpand
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Urban landscape as mirror of ethnicity: trees of the South Plains
The literatures on urban forestry, environmental justice, and Marxist urban political ecology are considered through empirical attention to the localized racial and ethnic politics which spatiallyExpand
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Frontier spaces of vulnerability: Regional change, urbanization, drought and fire hazard in Santarém, Pará, Brazil
Fire hazard is a mounting concern in tropical rainforests of the Brazilian Amazon and has raised awareness within the science community of the links between agricultural fire use, drought andExpand
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A history of transboundary storm water flows: flooding, tunnels, and the spatial incongruity of the U.S.–Mexico border
Abstract The benefits of transnational flows and the concern for national security have framed development in the U.S.–Mexico borderlands since the formative beginnings of both nations. As nationalExpand
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