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Progression through the middle phase of sporulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is promoted by the successful completion of recombination at the end of prophase I. Completion of meiotic recombination allows the activation of the sporulation-specific transcription factor Ndt80, which binds to a specific DNA sequence, the middle sporulation element (MSE), and(More)
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) and thrombocytopenia are both more common in cancer patients than in general populations. Both the outcomes and optimal management of cancer-associated VTE in thrombocytopenic patients are unknown. The objective of the current  study is to describe a cohort of patients presenting with acute cancer-associated VTE with concomitant(More)
BACKGROUND Venous thromboembolism is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, and comprehensive studies profiling the epidemiology and pattern of health services use are needed. In this study we provide contemporary estimates of venous thromboembolism incidence and case fatality over the past decade. METHODS We developed a population-based venous(More)
OBJECTIVE The interaction of protein C (PC) with the endothelial PC receptor (EPCR) enhances activated PC generation. We performed targeted gene sequencing of the PC gene (PROC) and EPCR genes (PROCR) in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism (VTE) to determine whether mutations that impair PC-EPCR interactions are associated with an increased risk(More)
INTRODUCTION The frequency and case fatality of venous thromboembolism (VTE) and major bleeding during the initial 3 months of therapy in those treated for symptomatic VTE with either direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) or vitamin K antagonists (VKA) are important clinically relevant outcomes. We sought to measure it during the initial months of(More)
Interactions between amphiphilic block copolymers and lipids are of medical interest for applications such as drug delivery and the restoration of damaged cell membranes. A series of monodisperse poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(butylene oxide) (EOBO) block copolymers were obtained with two ratios of hydrophilic/hydrophobic block lengths. We have explored the(More)
Bacterial biofilms are complex multicellular assemblies, characterized by a heterogeneous extracellular polymeric matrix, that have emerged as hallmarks of persistent infectious diseases. New approaches and quantitative data are needed to elucidate the composition and architecture of biofilms, and such data need to be correlated with mechanical and(More)
A single fiber pullout test was used in this study to measure the bond properties of polyvinyl alcohol fibers that are available at various diameters in a mortar matrix. Despite short fiber embedment lengths, the small diameter fibers ruptured during the pullout tests. However, it is shown that even if full fiber pullout is not achieved, it is still(More)
Screen viewing is considered to have adverse impacts on the sleep of adolescents. Although there has been a considerable amount of research on the association between screen viewing and sleep, most studies have focused on specific types of screen viewing devices such as televisions and computers. The present study investigated the duration with which(More)
JEL classification: C32 E32 E43 Keywords: Affine term structure models Unspanned stochastic volatility Estimation a b s t r a c t We develop new procedures for maximum likelihood estimation of affine term structure models with spanned or unspanned stochastic volatility. Our approach uses linear regression to reduce the dimension of the numerical(More)