Cynthia R. Ward

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Fertilization is a unique event in the life of an organism and results from requisite and reciprocal cell-induced sperm and egg activation events mediated by unique cellular and environmental cues associated with either the gametes or the reproductive tract/environment. Sperm interaction with the female reproductive tract/environment and sperm-egg(More)
The heads of mouse spermatozoa obtained 5 min after release from the excised caudae epididymides showed a characteristic fluorescence pattern in the presence of the fluorophore chlortetracycline (CTC). There was uniform fluorescence over the entire head with about half the sperm population showing a brighter line of fluorescence across the equatorial(More)
The authors studied six patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy and postictal psychosis using quantitative MRI and histopathology, and compared the results with 45 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy without postictal psychosis. Total hippocampal volumes were not different between the two groups. However, patients with postictal psychosis had a(More)
Co-incident with the introduction of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) into household materials nearly 30 years ago, feline hyperthyroidism (FH) has increased dramatically. Risk of developing FH is associated with indoor living and consumption of canned catfood. We hypothesized that increases in FH were, in part, related to increased PBDE exposure,(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize concurrent disorders in dogs with diabetes mellitus (DM). DESIGN Retrospective study. ANIMALS 221 dogs with DM. PROCEDURE Medical records were reviewed, and clinical signs, physical examination findings, and results of clinicopathologic testing, urinalysis, aerobic bacterial culture of urine samples, coagulation testing,(More)
Exocytosis of the sperm acrosome is an obligate precursor to successful egg penetration and subsequent fertilization. In most mammals, acrosomal exocytosis occurs at a precise time, after sperm binding to the zona pellucida of the egg, and is induced by a specific component of the zona pellucida. It may be considered an example of regulated secretion with(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine which dog breeds are at low and high risk for developing diabetes mellitus (DM). DESIGN Cohort study. ANIMALS Hospital population of 221 dogs with DM and 42,882 dogs without DM during 5.5 years. PROCEDURE 165 breeds (including a mixed-breed category) were represented in the hospital population. Breed-specific expected numbers of(More)
Zona pellucida (ZP)-induced acrosomal exocytosis in mammalian spermatozoa is thought to be mediated by signal transduction cascades similar to those found in hormonally responsive cells. In order to characterize this process further, we have examined the role of GTP-binding regulatory proteins (G proteins) in coupling sperm-ZP interaction to intracellular(More)
BACKGROUND Serum hypercalcemia in dogs has been reported in association with a variety of diseases. Serum-ionized calcium (iCa) concentration is a more accurate measure of hypercalcemia than total serum calcium or corrected serum calcium concentrations. The severity of hypercalcemia has been utilized to suggest the most likely differential diagnosis for the(More)