Cynthia O. Thomas

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BACKGROUND This paper provides the findings from a large pilot study, Defining and Measuring Elder Abuse and Neglect, a precursor to a national prevalence study to be conducted in Canada beginning in September 2013. One purpose of this study and the focus of this paper was to determine whether a life course perspective would provide a useful framework for(More)
Acknowledgements The report authors wish to acknowledge the contributions of many individuals to this study. First of all, we would like to thank the school principals who participated in the survey. We appreciate their time, candor, and thoughtfulness. We would also like to recognize the work of the staff at Westat, who conducted the survey on behalf of(More)
Peer mediation has repeatedly proven itselfby reducing violence in schools. Teachers and administrators experience up to a 97% reduction in disciplinary incidences as students take responsibility for their own conflicts and arrive at agreements the majority of which are upheld months later. While self esteem and overall school climate are raised, young(More)
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