Cynthia Murtagh

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Nicotine can improve attentional performance in the rat as assessed by a modified five-choice serial reaction time task (5-CSRTT), but it is not known if the effect is shared with other psychomotor stimulants. This study compared the effects of nicotine, amphetamine, caffeine and methylphenidate on performance in the 5-CSRTT and determined whether(More)
Expert visual guidance (EVG) is computer assistance that displays to the examiner how the image plane moves towards (or away from) a desired anatomical location as the ultrasound probe is manipulated over the patient's body. We tested whether EVG by a remote expert could assist inexperienced examiners in acquiring abdominal ultrasound images. The(More)
We hypothesized that glucose utilization by skeletal muscle is less in cold-exposed older male versus female Fischer 344 (F344) rats and that this reduction may contribute to the poorer cold-exposed thermoregulatory ability of the older males. To test this hypothesis, the rates of in vivo glucose utilization of skeletal muscle in 6-, 12-, and 26-month-old(More)
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