Cynthia M Ward

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An impression that the healing of split-skin donor sites in the elderly is significantly prolonged compared with that in younger patients was confirmed by retrospective and prospective clinical studies. Possible explanations are discussed. In a prospective clinical trial of 20 consecutive patients over the age of 60 part of the donor site was covered with a(More)
Routine cystic fibrosis (CF) medical care includes invasive procedures that may be difficult for young children and adolescents to tolerate because of anxiety, concern with health status, or unfamiliarity with the performed tasks. A growing body of pediatric psychology literature suggests that behavior therapy can effectively increase patient cooperation(More)
Immediate resurfacing of skin defects is a challenging prospect, especially in patients with extensive full-thickness burns. Currently, split-thickness autografts offer the best form of wound coverage, but limited donor sites and their associated morbidity have prompted the search for alternatives. The application of allogeneic skin is restricted by(More)
By means of a surgical expedition involving an independently financed team of surgeons, anesthetists and nurses, 410 operations were performed on 346 patients in the course of 52 operating days. This paper describes the preoperative, operative, and postoperative scenarios and how clinical practice was tailored to adapt to a new environment without(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescents are prone to sleep problems that have unique developmental aspects and contribute to physical, emotional, and behavioural problems. AIMS This study evaluated an individualized, multicomponent intervention that considered developmental factors, and promoted age-appropriate autonomy in three adolescent females with disrupted sleep. (More)
Gross enlargement of the male breast with skin redundancy and ptosis cannot be effectively managed by subcutaneous mastectomy alone. A technique is described in which the excess breast tissue and skin are excised along a design which allows the nipple-areolar complex, mounted on a vertical deepithelialised pedicle, to lie in a natural position. A horizontal(More)