Cynthia M. Ortinau

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Infants with congenital heart disease have altered brain development. We characterized cortical folding, a critical part of brain development, in congenital heart disease infants and demonstrated an overall decrease in cortical surface area and cortical folding with regional alterations in the right lateral sulcus and left orbitofrontal region, cingulate(More)
BACKGROUND Moderate-to-severe white matter abnormality (WMA) in the newborn has been shown to produce persistent disruptions in cerebral connectivity but does not universally result in neurodevelopmental disability in very preterm (VPT) children. The aims of this hypothesis-driven study were to apply diffusion imaging to: (i) examine whether bilateral WMA(More)
Brain development is a complex process of micro- and macrostructural events that include neuronal and glial proliferation and migration, myelination, and organizational development of cortical layers and circuitry. Recent progress in understanding these processes has provided insight into the pathophysiology of brain injury and alterations of cerebral(More)
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