Cynthia M Morrow

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Various measures of spatial fluency have been developed and have been shown to be sensitive to right frontal lobe dysfunction. Patients with diffuse cerebral injuries (traumatic brain injury) also show impaired performance. Administration times for these tests range from three to five minutes. It is well known that longer tests provide more reliable data.(More)
OBJECTIVES To improve nutrition and physical activity of county employees and promote weight loss. DESIGN Random assignment to begin the program when first offered or after 3 months ("wait control" group). SETTING Worksite. PARTICIPANTS Onondaga County employees (n = 45) at risk for diabetes (n = 35) or with diabetes (n = 10). Mean (±SD) age = 51.2 (±(More)
OBJECTIVE To create a 'one-stop' clinic in which assessment, diagnosis, treatment and therapies for most patients presenting with balance and dizziness disorders are delivered simultaneously. METHODS Patients triaged via referral letters were selected to attend the balance clinic, which is led by specialist balance physiotherapists. Patients were seen by(More)
We are indebted to our guest editors, Paul Erwin and C. William Keck, for developing this comprehensive issue on “The Academic Health Department.” They have assembled a series of 17 articles illustrating the scope and importance of this movement throughout the nation. Both Drs Erwin and Keck have careers combining administration of local health departments(More)
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