Cynthia Lynn Breazeal

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We developed a smartphone application that detects users' affect and provides personalized positive psychology interventions in order to enhance users' psychological wellbeing. Users' emotional states were measured by analyzing facial expressions and the sentiment of SMS messages. A virtual character in the application prompted users to verbally journal(More)
Prior research with preschool children has established that dialogic or active book reading is an effective method for expanding young children's vocabulary. In this exploratory study, we asked whether similar benefits are observed when a robot engages in dialogic reading with preschoolers. Given the established effectiveness of active reading, we also(More)
Social robots are innovative new technologies that have considerable potential to support children’s education as tutors and learning companions. Given this potential, it behooves us to study the mechanisms by which children learn from social robots, as well as the similarities and differences between children’s learning from robots as compared to human(More)
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