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A two-step reconstitution system for the generation of ER cargo exit sites from starting ER-derived low density microsomes (LDMs; 1.17 g/cc) is described. The first step is mediated by the hydrolysis of Mg 2 ϩ ATP and Mg 2 ϩ GTP, leading to the formation of a transitional ER (tER) with the soluble cargo albumin, trans-ferrin, and the ER-to-Golgi recycling(More)
Tumor cells utilize glucose as a primary energy source and require ongoing lipid biosynthesis for growth. Expression of DecR1, an auxiliary enzyme in the fatty acid beta-oxidation pathway, is significantly diminished in numerous spontaneous mammary tumor models and in primary human breast cancer. Moreover, ectopic expression of DecR1 in ErbB2/Neu-induced(More)
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