Cynthia L. Williams

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Territorial male red-winged blackbirds from five locations in the United States and Canada were genotyped using a suite of six microsatellite loci. Each population possessed unique alleles, but numbers of alleles per locus (range = 7.3-8.8) and expected multilocus heterozygosities (range = 0.76-0.80) were similar in all populations. Significant overall(More)
The European Space Agency first Remote Sensing Satellite, ERS-1, offers the first opportunity to monitor a complete seasonal cycle for an Alaskan forest ecosystem using a spaceborne C-band frequency (A = 5.7cm) VV-polarization (vertical transmit, vertical receive) synthetic aperture radar. During the 3-day repeat Commissioning Phase of ERS-1, from August(More)
Boreal ecosystems play an essential role in global climate regulation. Forests constitute pools of terrestrial carbon and are generally considered as global sinks of atmospheric CO2, contributing to attenuating the greenhouse effect. Large amounts of carbon are also stored in boreal lakes, bogs and wetlands, partially released as CH4 and other trace gases(More)
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