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ion, 13<lb>Abstraction-simple, 182<lb>Accessibility Relation, 100<lb>AFS, 55<lb>AFSM, 12, 16<lb>Algebraic Functional System, 55<lb>Algebraic Functional System with Meta-<lb>variables, 12, 16<lb>Alpha-conversion, 11<lb>Application, 11, 13<lb>Application-free, 45<lb>Applicative Syntax, 18<lb>Approximation, 226<lb>Argument Filtering, 202<lb>Argument Function,(More)
This paper aims at developing a verification method for procedural programs via a transformation into logically constrained term rewriting systems (LCTRSs). To this end, we adapt existing rewriting induction methods to LCTRSs and propose a simple yet effective method to generalize equations. We show that we can handle realistic functions, involving, e.g.,(More)
The higher-order recursive path ordering (HORPO) defined by Jouannaud and Rubio provides a method to prove termination of higher-order rewriting. We present an iterative version of HORPO by means of an auxiliary term rewriting system, following an approach originally due to Bergstra and Klop. We study well-foundedness of the iterative definition, discuss(More)
To evaluate color [lightness (L*), redness (a*), and yellowness (b*)], water-holding capacity (WHC), and pH values, and for proximate analysis of breast and thigh meats from slow-growing (Bronze; B), fast-growing (Hybrid; H), and medium-growing (crosses; H × B) turkey genotypes raised with or without outdoor access, 36 turkeys (2 females and 2 males from(More)
In recent works on program analysis, transformations of various programming languages to term rewriting are used. In this setting, constraints appear naturally. Several definitions which combine rewriting with logical constraints, or with separate rules for integer functions, have been proposed. This paper seeks to unify and generalise these proposals.
1. This study was conducted to assess the impact of genotype and outdoor access (and gender when appropriate) on growth rate and carcass yield. 2. One slow-growing genotype (Bronze; B, n = 129), a commercial fast-growing genotype (Hybrid; H, n = 186) and a medium-growing genotype (crosses; H x B, n = 78) were housed (straight-run) for 21 weeks of age. Each(More)
A popular formalism of higher order rewriting, especially in the light of termination research, are the Algebraic Functional Systems (AFSs) defined by Jouannaud and Okada. However, the formalism is very permissive, which makes it hard to obtain results; consequently, techniques are often restricted to a subclass. In this paper we study(More)