Cynthia Johnston

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Nursing preceptors are challenged by a broad set of teaching-learning diversity issues that are related to their role as clinical teachers of senior nursing students in clinical settings. A lack of awareness and understanding of these diversity issues may contribute to preceptor-student miscommunication and conflict. Ultimately, these factors can impact on(More)
Scaling-up is the expansion or development of organizational activities to achieve a greater impact. Scaling-up among non-government organizations (NGOs) involved in community based rehabilitation (CBR) is a recent phenomenon. Case study materials from NGOs in India, Canada, and Indonesia are used to illustrate four pathways to scaling-up in CBR and the use(More)
One of the strategies which non-government organizations (NGOs) involved in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) use to develop their organizations and maximize their impact is through collaboration with other partners. A survey conducted by the International Centre for the Advancement of CBR identified collaboration styles, concerns, opportunities, and(More)
In this paper, we attempt to view a long-held assumption in nursing as mistaken. That is, that patient suffering is something to be overcome. Utilizing Nietzsche's statements on Amor Fati, we carefully examine the cultural assumptions behind our denigration of suffering, look at specific nursing examples of this situation, and attempt the beginnings of a(More)
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