Cynthia J. Woodburn

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A validated quality of life (QOL) measure, the SF-36 questionnaire, was used to assess patients' perception of the impact of a pituitary adenoma, prior to treatment, on his or her physical and mental functioning. Of 270 new patients evaluated for pituitary disease at the University of Virginia Pituitary Clinic, 168 met the criteria for inclusion (pituitary(More)
Recordings of force developed simultaneously by four rowers in a good club-standard eight over a 20-min training run were analysed in terms of mean and variability. The average force-time profiles showed small but distinctive differences between rowers that were maintained as force declined through the run. The variability was examined further in terms of(More)
OBJECT Surgical and medical therapies successfully achieve biochemical remission in the majority of patients with secretory pituitary adenomas. Nevertheless, continued hypersecretion after first-line therapy occurs and requires adjunctive therapy to prevent morbidity and premature mortality. For patients in whom medical and surgical therapy have failed,(More)
OBJECTIVE Because acromegaly is an uncommon disorder, epidemiological data regarding the demographics of the disease such as the prevalence of hypogonadism have been limited. In order to derive clinical and epidemiological information, including underlying hormonal factors, regarding hypogonadism in patients with acromegaly, we performed a pilot study(More)
Let k be a field. Then Gaussian elimination over k and the Euclidean division algorithm for the univariate polynomial ring k[x] allow us to write any matrix in SLn(k) or SLn(k[x]), n ≥ 2, as a product of elementary matrices. Suslin’s stability theorem states that the same is true for the multivariate polynomial ring SLn(k[x1, . . . , xm]) with n ≥ 3. As(More)
Let k be a field, and let M be a commutative, seminormal, finitely generated monoid, which is torsionfree, cancellative, and has no nontrivial units. J. Gubeladze proved that finitely generated projective modules over kM are free. This paper contains an algorithm for finding a free basis for a finitely generated projective module over kM . As applications(More)
The problem of the design and effective implementation of multi-dimensional filter banks with prescribed properties is considered. Several algorithms for polyphase matrices factorization are presented. After such a factorization the number of computations may become much lower. The results for the 2-channel FBs are given. For the 3-channel multirate system(More)
The problem of the design of effective 2-D and 3-D multirate systems with prescribed properties is considered using tools from commutative algebra. Results for factoring 2-channel polyphase matrices are presented. After such a factorization, the number of computations may be reduced. For a 3-channel multirate system, an algorithmic version of Suslin’s(More)
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