Cynthia J. Woodburn

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OBJECT Surgical and medical therapies successfully achieve biochemical remission in the majority of patients with secretory pituitary adenomas. Nevertheless, continued hypersecretion after first-line therapy occurs and requires adjunctive therapy to prevent morbidity and premature mortality. For patients in whom medical and surgical therapy have failed,(More)
Let k be a eld, and let M be a commutative, seminormal, nitely generated monoid, which is torsionfree, cancellative, and has no nontrivial units. J. Gubeladze proved that nitely generated projective modules over kM are free. This paper contains an algorithm for nding a free basis for a nitely generated projective module over kM. As applications one obtains(More)
The problem of the design of effective 2-D and 3-D multirate systems with prescribed properties is considered using tools from commutative algebra. Results for factoring 2-channel polyphase matrices are presented. After such a factorization, the number of computations may be reduced. For a 3-channel multirate system, an algo-rithmic version of Suslin's(More)
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