Cynthia J Moriarty

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Previous reports offer limited support for an association between cigarette smoking and Hodgkin's disease. The authors investigated dose-response effects for smoking in relation to the risk of Hodgkin's disease using data from the Selected Cancers Study. Cases (n = 343) were men aged 32-60 years identified from eight US population-based cancer registries in(More)
Using the case–control data from the Selected Cancers Study, the authors assessed whether cigarette smoking increases the risk of primary liver cancer in the US. Cases were men who were pathologically diagnosed with primary liver cancer during 1984–1988, were 31–59 years old, and lived in the areas covered by eight US cancer registries (n = 168). Controls(More)
Smoking cessation programs can help smokers make a successful attempt at quitting, but many initial quitters relapse over time. This study aims to identify risk factors for smoking relapse and examine the influence of these factors on the dynamic relapse process in an outpatient smoking cessation program for veterans. Baseline information included(More)
A nurse-administered, protocol-driven model (NP) for preventive services delivery was compared with a traditional physician reminder (PR) model with nursing back-up among 473 patients attending Internal Medicine and Family Medicine clinics. A total of 240 patients were randomized to the NP group and 233 to the PR group. Demographic characteristics including(More)
BACKGROUND Practicum training for preventive medicine residents often occurs in agencies whose community is geographically defined and whose governance is closely linked to public election. We were unsure about the financial ability of such departments to support training and are concerned that over-reliance on traditional health departments might not be(More)
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