Cynthia J Johnson

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Individuals with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) are prescribed hearing aids and/or a cochlear implant, based on their pure-tone threshold and speech perception scores. Although these assistive listening devices do help these individuals communicate in quiet surroundings, many still have difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments. Especially,(More)
The present investigation is a study of the definitional style of nouns and verbs in typically developing school-age children. A total of 30 children in upper-elementary grades provided verbal definitions for 10 common high-frequency nouns (e.g., apple, boat, baby) and 10 common high-frequency verbs (e.g., climb, sing, throw). All definitions were coded and(More)
Questions: 1. Do perceptual difficulties with speech sounds, i.e., phonetic awareness, underlie reading disabilities? 2. How do children with reading disabilities perform on phonetic awareness tasks compared to children without reading disabilities? 3. Among children with reading disabilities, are any performance patterns evident for consonants, vowels, and(More)
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