Cynthia J DeRuiter

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1. The effect of muscle unit (MU) localization on physiological properties was investigated within the fast-twitch fatigue-resistant (FR) and fast-fatigable (FF) MU populations of rat medial gastrocnemius (MG) muscle. Single MG MUs were functionally isolated by microdissection of the ventral roots. FR and FF MU properties of the most proximal and distal(More)
dances of nitriles and other nitrogen-containing organics. The most thermodynamically favored cometary ices are Organic heteropolymers that we call here ice tholin II have been produced by plasma discharge irradiation of water/ clathrate hydrates (Delsemme and Swings 1952, Delsemme methanol/carbon dioxide/ethane cocondensed ices in a rough 1976);(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To describe the outcome of patients with status asthmaticus (SA) treated in a medical ICU with positive pressure ventilation (PPV), and to identify those factors associated with increased length of hospital stay. DESIGN Retrospective chart review. SETTING University-based hospital in Chicago, IL. PATIENTS All patients admitted with SA(More)
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