Cynthia Hood

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In this work, we present a system that is implemented on top of a stream of social network messages to facilitate learning about an emerging crisis. This method automatically detects sub-topics of the topic (crisis), and populates the sub-topics with the relevant retrieved messages. In future work, we intend to reduce the repetitiveness of the generated(More)
A generalized 25 kV test bed developed to characterize high-voltage, high-power SiC devices is described. The test bed provides a high-speed (30 mus), high-voltage linear amplifier that is used as the pulsed power supply for parametric static measurements (curve tracer) and as the continuous high voltage power supply for inductive/resistive switching(More)
Social networking websites have become a vital means of communication that can provide information on various topics. The real time nature of the information published on social networking websites coupled with their accessibility as a publishing platform make them a powerful tool for information gathering. Furthermore, many individuals utilize these sorts(More)
Network researchers and designers rely on network simulation tools to do performance evaluation. There are a number of different network simulation tools, each with a set of publicly available models. Two of the more popular tools, ns-2 and Opnet have a large library of available models. The existing models can be used to configure simulation experiments in(More)
Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence which deals with algorithms that can learn from data. These methods provide computers with the ability to learn from past data and make predictions for new data. A few examples of machine learning applications include automated document categorization, spam detection, speech recognition, face(More)