Cynthia Guo

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Baseball caps are popular with farm workers, but have been criticized because they do not sufficiently shade the face, neck, and ears. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards require workers to wear chemical-resistant hoods or chemical-resistant hats with wide brims during the application of pesticides whose labels call for head protection. In this(More)
This study focused on the effects of different internal states and external stimuli on the eye movement patterns employed by the eyes in a variety of daily visual interactions. The study analyzed the effects of differential line spacing on the level of comprehension and speed of reading a passage of text. In another experiment, the placement of text above(More)
Chemical-resistant gloves are used for protection from pesticides in farming operations. Cleanup of gloves after pesticide contamination was the focus of this research. Nitrile, neoprene, and barrier laminate glove specimens were exposed to 300 mg terbufos or tefluthrin granules for 3 or 30 min in petri dishes in a laboratory. Specimens were cleaned by(More)
Chemical-resistant gloves are recommended for pesticide applicators to reduce their exposure to agricultural chemicals. In this research, three chemical-resistant glove materials-nitrile, neoprene, and barrier laminate-were studied in relation to contamination with granular terbufos and tefluthrin. Surfaces of specimens backed with alpha cellulose were(More)
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