Cynthia G. Mills

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SeDAX is a publish/subscribe information-centric networking architecture where publishers send messages to the appropriate message broker over a Delaunay-triangulated overlay network. Resilient data forwarding and data redundancy enable a high level of reliability. Overlay nodes and topics are addressed via geo-coordinates. A topic is stored on primary and(More)
—We develop and analyze algorithms that reduce the storage capacity required by SeDAX (Secure Data-centric Application eXtensible) in the presence of simultaneous node failures. The SeDAX infrastructure for smart grids uses data redundancy for a high level of reliability. It is an information-centric approach using resilient data forwarding in a Delaunay(More)
Tate is currently undertaking a multidisciplinary research project to document plastic sculptures by Naum Gabo (1890-1977). Gabo experimented with cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate, materials which interestingly for photogrammetrists constitute early photographic film base materials upon which a significant body of measurement and analysis research is(More)
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