Cynthia Ferrell

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The ability to orient toward visual, auditory, or tactile stimuli is an important skill for systems intended to interact with and explore their environment. In the brain of mammalian vertebrates, the Superior Colliculus is specialized for integrating multi-modal sensory information, and for using this information to orient the animal to the source sensory(More)
This paper compares three insect inspired controllers which were implemented on an autonomous hexapod robot There is a growing interest in using insect locomotion schemes to control walking robots Researchers interest in insect based controllers ranges from understanding the biological basis of locomotion control in insects Cruse Full Dean to building real(More)
The purpose of this paper is twofold The rst purpose is to present important issues in designing fault tolerant systems for autonomous robots The second is to present the fault tolerance capabilities we implemented on our autonomous robot Our approach is characterized by a distributed network of concurrently running processes To tolerate hardware failures a(More)
The purpose of this paper is twofold First we outline important issues in designing real time controllers for robots with numerous sensors actuators and behaviors We address these issues by implementing a behavior based controller on a sophisticated autonomous robot Hence this work provides a point of reference for the scalability ease of design and e(More)
BACKGROUND The Pediatric Nutrition Series (PNS) consists of ten online, interactive modules and supplementary educational materials that have utilized web-based multimedia technologies to offer nutrition education for pediatric trainees and practicing physicians. The purpose of the study was to evaluate pediatric trainees' engagement, knowledge acquisition,(More)
The perioperative management and dissemination of critical information regarding a patient with an unexpected difficult intubation, including successful application of a difficult airway algorithm (Figure 1), are described. Documentation and dissemination of critical information include entry of patient data into an in-hospital computerized Difficult(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to compare parental perception of quality of care provided by first- versus third-year pediatric residents who served as their children's primary care providers. METHODS The Parents' Perception of Primary Care (P3C) survey was administered to all parents who identified a pediatric resident as a primary care provider at(More)
This thesis describes the design and implementation of an engineering solution to· the problem of autonomous geological sampling with a manipulator mounted on a robot Mars Rover. Most of the research to date in the field of remote manipulation has focused on teleoperated technologies. The Pebbles Mars Rover project pushes the envelope of autonomous(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare asthma treatment decisions by pediatric residents to current asthma guidelines and to learn whether treatment decisions vary by postgraduate year in training. METHODS We conducted a Web-based survey of residents from 10 training programs through the Continuity Research Network of the Academic Pediatric Association (CORNET). Surveys(More)