Cynthia E Kaschub

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This study reports findings from an investigation of the efficacy of high-dose nicotine patch (NP) therapy for heavy smokers with a past history of alcohol dependence. One hundred thirty participants were randomly assigned to 42 mg or 21 mg of transdermal nicotine for 4 weeks, followed by an 8-week dose titration. Follow-up assessments were conducted at 4(More)
INTRODUCTION Photorealistic simulations may provide efficient transfer of certain skills to the real system, but by being opaque may fail to encourage deeper learning of the structure and function of the system. Schematic simulations that are more abstract, with less visual fidelity but make system structure and function transparent, may enhance deeper(More)
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder marked by pervasive impairments in behavior that manifest by three years of age, and sometimes earlier (American Psychological Association (APA), 1994). The characteristic behavioral impairments include hyperactivity, highly repetitive behaviors, emotional indifference, and lack of social engagement and reciprocity.(More)
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