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Previous studies have demonstrated that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the sodium-bicarbonate co-transporter gene (SLC4A5) are associated with hypertension. We tested the hypothesis that SNPs in SLC4A5 are associated with salt sensitivity of blood pressure in 185 whites consuming an isocaloric constant diet with a randomized order of 7 days of(More)
The novel tachykinin receptor antagonist CGP49823 ((2R,4S)-2-benzyl-1-(3,5-dimethylbenzoyl)-4-(quinolin-4-y lmethylamino)piperidine) has been compared with three other selective non-peptide tachykinin NK1 receptor antagonists. The drugs were tested as antagonists of the depolarization of spinal motoneurones induced by bath application of the selective(More)
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