Cynthia D. Connelly

Andrea L Hazen1
Mary J Baker-Ericzen1
Sarah McCue Horwitz1
Margaret Hayden1
1Andrea L Hazen
1Mary J Baker-Ericzen
1Sarah McCue Horwitz
1Margaret Hayden
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The psychometric properties of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS2) are examined for English-speaking (n = 211) and Spanish-speaking (n = 194) Latino women. Internal consistency of total scale scores is satisfactory (Cronbach's alpha of .70 to .84). However, subscale alphas range from .46 to .80. Confirmatory factor analyses support five factors of(More)
This qualitative project used structured interviews with nine parents to examine perceptions of the electronic health record (EHR) and associated patient portal in the treatment of their child's autism spectrum disorder. Thematic analysis identified six complementary themes including: Familiarity and exposure to the EHR, changing experience of care(More)
Understanding how depression is conceptualized is key to designing effective screening and treatment procedures. Of particular concern is maternal depression in Latinas, given the high Latina birthrate. We conducted two focus groups of pregnant Latinas to elicit their perceptions of and experiences with maternal depression. Women reported familiarity with(More)
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