Cynthia D Baker

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BACKGROUND Postpartum depression (PPD) is a significant mental health problem that is common in primary care and often under-recognized and under-treated. METHODS We developed an educational website ( to give primary care providers easy access to up-to-date information on PPD and evidence-based approaches for assessing and treating PPD.(More)
Surgical intervention to remove vocal cord lesions usually results in normal vocal cord quality postoperatively. However, some patients exhibit persistent hoarseness after surgery, and often they are referred to a speech pathologist for vocal rehabilitation. In this study, factors were identified in the case histories, surgical management, and behavior(More)
This study details vocal quality, articulation errors, and hearing disorders in 80 children and young adults with diagnosed allergies. Results indicated that almost 50% had abnormalities in vocal quality and/or articulation and 13% had reduced auditory acuity. Vocal quality disorders showed a significant relationship to bronchial asthma in association with(More)
Non-attenders for five years or longer (77 men and 27 women; i.e. 1.9 per cent of the practice) in a general practice of 5,750 patients were identified and paired with controls in the same practice. A survey by questionnaire was carried out.The conclusions were:(1) A higher proportion of non-attenders are self-employed,(2) A lower proportion of them had(More)
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