Cynthia C Jung

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Itch is the least well understood of all the somatic senses, and the neural circuits that underlie this sensation are poorly defined. Here we show that the atonal-related transcription factor Bhlhb5 is transiently expressed in the dorsal horn of the developing spinal cord and appears to play a role in the formation and regulation of pruritic (itch)(More)
Although transcription factors that repress gene expression play critical roles in nervous system development, their mechanism of action remains to be understood. Here, we report that the Olig-related transcription factor Bhlhb5 (also known as Bhlhe22) forms a repressor complex with the PR/SET domain protein, Prdm8. We find that Bhlhb5 binds to(More)
Retinal bipolar (BP) cells mediate the earliest steps in image processing in the visual system, but the genetic pathways that regulate their development and function are incompletely known. We identified PRDI-BF1 and RIZ homology domain containing 8 (PRDM8) as a highly conserved transcription factor that is abundantly expressed in mouse retina. During(More)
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