Cynthia Alexander

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We document that ownership by officers and directors of publicly-traded firms is on average higher today than earlier in the century. Managerial ownership rises from 13 percent for the universe of exchange-listed corporations in 1935, the earliest year for which such data exist, to 21 percent in 1995. We examine in detail the robustness of the increase and(More)
The insecticidal Cry toxins are pore-forming toxins produced by the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis that disrupt insect-midgut cells. In this work we analyzed the response of two different insect orders, the Lepidopteran Manduca sexta and Dipteran Aedes aegypti to highly specific Cry toxins, Cry1Ab and Cry11Aa, respectively. One pathway activated in(More)
Acadia University is the first laptop university in Canada. The Acadia Advantage program has each incoming student and each faculty member equipped with a laptop computer. In addition, classrooms, the library, residence rooms, and common areas are wired so that the network is accessible both in and out of classrooms. This initiative has been accompanied by(More)
Literature has shown that countries with strong democratic traditions, such as the United States and Canada, are not yet using electronic voting systems intensively, due to the concern for and emphasis on security. It has revealed that there is no such thing as an error-free computer system, let alone an electronic voting system, and that existing(More)
A randomized, open-label, parallel study was conducted to assess the efficacy and safety of premixed insulin aspart 30 (biphasic insulin aspart [BIAsp] 30) in managing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). A total of 323 women with GDM registered at a single center in India were randomly assigned to receive 6 U of either BIAsp 30 (Group A) or premixed human(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to compare premixed insulin aspart 30 (BIAsp 30) vs premixed human insulin 30 (BHI 30) on efficacy, safety, fetal and perinatal outcomes in pregnancies associated with gestational diabetes mellitus [GDM]. This was the first randomized study to use pre mixed insulin analogue [BIAsp] in GDM. METHODS The study(More)
BACKGROUND Shared medical appointments (SMAs) are a new model in patient care. This model was designed to improve patients' access to their physicians and improve physician productivity. The aim of this study was to evaluate patient satisfaction with SMAs after bariatric surgery. METHODS The medical records of consecutive patients who were followed up(More)