Cynthia A Clark

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Young adults with normal hearing (YNH) can improve their sensitivity to basic acoustic features with practice. However, it is not known to what extent the influence of the same training regimen differs between YNH listeners and older listeners with hearing impairment (OHI)--the largest population seeking treatment in audiology clinics. To examine this(More)
Introduction There have been few studies using diffusion MRI based tractography to look at the normal development of specific tracts during late childhood and adolescence. However, there is some evidence for the existence of relationships between diffusion parameters, especially fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity (MD), and age or gender (e.g.(More)
Introduction This work describes, for the first time, a process for optimising both the standard Stejskal–Tanner (ST) diffusion MR sequence and the dual spin-echo (DSE) sequence, for the specific purpose of directly estimating axon radius or other microstructural properties of white matter. There has been considerable recent interest in the use of diffusion(More)
Introduction There is evidence for various changes in white matter microstructure during development. Particular pathways in which effects of increasing age have been observed using diffusion MRI (dMRI) include the arcuate fasciculi (AFs), corticospinal tracts (CSTs) and uncinate fasciculi (UFs) [1,2]. However, whilst absolute gender differences in dMRI(More)
Introduction A great deal of recent research in diffusion MRI has focussed on improved modelling and reconstruction of multiple white matter fibre orientations within single image voxels. These methods are typically used to create an orientation distribution function (ODF) at each voxel, which represents the orientations of each fibre population crossing(More)
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