Cybelle Smyczynski

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PASTICCINO1 (PAS1) is a high molecular weight FK506-binding protein (FKBP) involved in the control of cell proliferation and differentiation during plant development. Mutations in the C-terminal region of PAS1 result in severe developmental defects. We show here that the C-terminal domain of PAS1 controls the subcellular distribution of this protein. We(More)
The X-ray structure of myosin head (S1) reveals the presence of a long alpha-helical structure that supports both the essential and the regulatory light chains. It has been proposed that small structural changes in the catalytic domain of S1 are amplified by swinging the long alpha-helix (the "lever arm") to produce approximately 11 nm steps. To probe the(More)
The smooth muscle basic calponin interacts with F-actin and inhibits the actomyosin ATPase in a calmodulin or phosphorylation modulated manner. It also binds in vitro to microtubules and its acidic isoform, present in nonmuscle cells, and co-localizes with microfilaments and microtubules in cultured neurons. To assess the physiological significance and the(More)
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