Curtis Smith

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The mechanism of the observed synergistic effect of prolactin and androgen on the lateral lobe of the rat prostate is not established. The observation that prolactin alone delayed the rate of loss of weight, protein, and DNA of the lateral lobe in castrated rats has led us to question the assumption that the effect of prolactin is produced by a modification(More)
Hyperprolactinemia, achieved by grafting pituitaries under the renal capsule, has been shown to cause a delay in the rate of castration-induced prostatic regression in rats. The mechanism of this prolactin action is not established, although it has been suggested that the action of prolactin in the rat prostate is mediated through the action of androgen. To(More)
Due to recent advances in polymers, photovoltaics, and batteries a unique type of aircraft may be feasible. This is a "solid-state" aircraft, with no conventional mechanical moving parts. Airfoil, propulsion, energy production, energy storage and control are combined in an integrated structure. The key material of this concept is an ionic polymeric-metal(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The following individuals were consulted in the development of this guideline or assisted in the review of this document. We are grateful for the invaluable insights they provided into the expert elicitation process. ABSTRACT This report describes a simplified, tractable, and usable guideline within the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)(More)
Uncertainty is an important part of formal decision making. Acknowledging this point, modern probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs) typically include uncertainty on parameters of the logic models used in the assessment. What is not addressed in many PRAs is the incorporation of uncertainty specific to the logic models themselves. Our paper investigates the(More)
The coagulation system of the foetus is markedly different from that of adults. To assess the influence of maternal age, mode of delivery and intrapartum events, and foetal gender and weight on the foetal coagulation system. Cord blood was collected from 154 healthy pregnant women, with gestational age 37 - 42 weeks at birth. Mann-Whitney test was used for(More)
Polyglycolic acid (PGA) tube stented, silastic stented and non-stented anastomoses were compared in 18 ureteroureterostomies performed in 13 dogs. Urinalysis, urine culture, BUN and serum creatinine and intravenous pyelograms were done periodically from 1 day to 6 months postoperatively and ureteral dynamics were performed at 6 months. Normal intravenous(More)