Curtis L Beauregard

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OBJECTIVE Postoperative monitoring in an intensive care unit (ICU) setting following elective craniotomy is routine at many institutions, as it is believed that this reduces the incidence and potential seriousness of early postoperative complications. This is unproven, however, and ICU resources are scarce and costly. At our institution, one surgeon began(More)
Throughout history, women have faced unique health concerns, yet their physical, medical and psychological needs were not thought to differ from men's ... until recently. Over the last decade, the topic of women's health has captured the attention of doctors, researchers and politicians as well as millions of women around the world. However, the acceptance(More)
BACKGROUND A concomitant infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) may alter the natural history of other infections. Several reports indicate that syphilis may behave more aggressively when HIV infection is present. CASE A woman presented with a rash involving her hands and feet and progressive loss of the vision in her right eye. Her serologic(More)
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