Curtis Janssen

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The rapid and disruptive changes anticipated in hardware design over this next decade necessitate a more agile development process, such as the hardware-software co-design processes developed for rapid product development in the embedded space. This article will describe the structure of the co-design process as applied to supercomputing systems, introduce(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in our knowledge of attachment, stress and coping may foster new explanations for the development of challenging behaviour in people with intellectual disability (ID). METHOD Research on stress and coping among people with ID was reviewed initially, and then studies on the security of the attachment relationships of people with ID with(More)
In a controlled multiple case design study, the development of a therapeutic relationship and its role in affect regulation were studied in 6 children with visual disabilities, severe intellectual disabilities, severe challenging behavior, and prolonged social deprivation. In the 1st phase, children had sessions with an experimental therapist stimulating(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of visual impairments in people with severe and profound multiple disabilities (SPMD) is the subject of considerable debate and is difficult to assess. METHODS In a typical Dutch care organization, all clients with SPMD (n = 76) participated in the study and specific instruments adapted to these clients (requiring a minimum of(More)
The growing popularity of structured knowledge bases such as knowledge graphs necessitates integrating multiple knowledge sources. A key component of this integration is entity resolution (ER), reconciling instances of a single entity occurring in different knowledge graphs. In contrast to the conventional ER problem setting, we consider the scenario where(More)
Large clusters and supercomputers are simulated to aid in design. Many devices, such as hard drives, are slow to simulate. Our approach is to use a genetic algorithm to fit parameters for an analytical model of a device. Fitting focuses on aggregate accuracy rather than request-level accuracy since individual request times are irrelevant in large(More)
Large discrepancies have sometimes been found between the quality of life (QOL) experienced by clients with intellectual disabilities and their QOL as described by their caregivers. Olsen and Schober (Soc Indi Res 1993; 28: 173-193) may have provided a framework useful to conceptualize such discrepancies. They suggested that lack of concordance between(More)
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