Curtis Janssen

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tematic methodology that reflects future design concerns and constraints. The US Department of Energy's (DoE's) exascale computing initiative has identified hardware-software codesign as a central strategy to meet this need. The idea is to have a novel development partnership in which application scientists participate in a highly collaborative and(More)
The growing popularity of structured knowledge bases such as knowledge graphs necessitates integrating multiple knowledge sources. A key component of this integration is entity resolution (ER), reconciling instances of a single entity occurring in different knowledge graphs. In contrast to the conventional ER problem setting, we consider the scenario where(More)
Large clusters and supercomputers are simulated to aid in design. Many devices, such as hard drives, are slow to simulate. Our approach is to use a genetic algorithm to fit parameters for an analytical model of a device. Fitting focuses on aggregate accuracy rather than request-level accuracy since individual request times are irrelevant in large(More)
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