Curtis J Rosebraugh

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n engl j med 370;9 february 27, 2014 794 likely that such efficacy will be shown until the vaccines are licensed and postmarketing surveillance commences. Recent evidence suggests that EV71 vaccines do not provide cross-protection against all circulating genetic lineages of EV71 or against coxsackievirus A16.5 Thus, the Chinese C4A-based vaccines(More)
n engl j med 362;9 march 4, 2010 774 most private payers do not have sufficient market power to implement payment reforms if providers are reluctant to participate. However, a Medicare waiver could allow states such as Massachusetts, which has proposed moving toward a global payment system, to establish a uniform structure of incentives that reward(More)
n engl j med 367;17 october 25, 2012 1577 are manifold, potentially involving all major organ systems and contributing to reduced quality of life. The goal of all obesity therapies is negative energy balance. Drugs have long been used in an attempt to achieve this goal. However, numerous oncepromising weight-loss drugs have been abandoned because(More)
2247 its decision would have been upheld out of judicial deference to complex agency decisions; had it decided not to approve the plan, that presumably would have ended the matter. Unfortunately, that’s not how Medicaid works. Given its size, the volume of daily administration decisions, and inadequate federal oversight capacity, states act first and seek(More)
OBJECTIVE To report a possible case of olanzapine-induced rhabdomyolysis with concomitant lithium-induced pseudo-infarction electrocardiogram changes. CASE SUMMARY A 13-year-old white boy was admitted to the hospital with profound weakness and electrocardiogram (EGG) changes suggestive of myocardial damage after starting olanzapine and lithium. An adverse(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate whether a 15-minute lecture intervention will improve adverse drug reaction reporting quality on standard MedWatch forms. METHODS Seventy-eight 4th-year medical students were randomized to intervention 'Group-A' or non-intervention 'Group-B' on the first day of a required five-day clinical pharmacology rotation. Group-A participants(More)
Researchers working in the field of clinical trials for addictive disorders have discussed whether the use of responder analyses (analyses which compare the proportion of patients in each treatment arm who achieve the desired response) in these trials represents “setting the bar too high.” These discussions involve assumptions about the relative ease or(More)
Learning disabilities are a group of disorders that affect 10-15% of the general population and 3% of United States medical students. Medical students with learning disabilities are typically unaware of their disorder and may only learn of it when the pace of medical school curriculum overtakes what were previously successful study techniques. Despite the(More)
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-shortening inherited disease caused by mutations in the CF transmembrane conductance regulator gene (CFTR), which encodes for the CF transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) ion channel that regulates chloride and water transport across the surface of epithelial cells. Ivacaftor, a drug recently approved by the US Food and(More)