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OBJECTIVE To report a possible case of olanzapine-induced rhabdomyolysis with concomitant lithium-induced pseudo-infarction electrocardiogram changes. CASE SUMMARY A 13-year-old white boy was admitted to the hospital with profound weakness and electrocardiogram (EGG) changes suggestive of myocardial damage after starting olanzapine and lithium. An adverse(More)
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-shortening inherited disease caused by mutations in the CF transmembrane conductance regulator gene (CFTR), which encodes for the CF transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) ion channel that regulates chloride and water transport across the surface of epithelial cells. Ivacaftor, a drug recently approved by the US Food and(More)
1577 are manifold, potentially involving all major organ systems and contributing to reduced quality of life. The goal of all obesity therapies is negative energy balance. Drugs have long been used in an attempt to achieve this goal. However, numerous once-promising weight-loss drugs have been abandoned because of serious toxic effects: aminorex (which(More)
The authors report a case of probable serotonin syndrome caused by the coadministration of sertraline and oxycodone. A 34 year-old male patient experienced visual hallucinations and severe tremor after dramatically increasing his dosage of oxycodone while on stable amounts of sertraline and cyclosporin. Discontinuation of cyclosporin did not result in(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate whether a 15-minute lecture intervention will improve adverse drug reaction reporting quality on standard MedWatch forms. METHODS Seventy-eight 4th-year medical students were randomized to intervention 'Group-A' or non-intervention 'Group-B' on the first day of a required five-day clinical pharmacology rotation. Group-A participants(More)