Curtis J Jones

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PURPOSE To develop and validate criterion-referenced fitness standards for older adults that predict the level of capacity needed for maintaining physical independence into later life. The proposed standards were developed for use with a previously validated test battery for older adults-the Senior Fitness Test (Rikli, R. E., & Jones, C. J. (2001).(More)
New funding policies make it timely to identify correlates of effectiveness and effciency in supported employment (SE) programs for persons with psychiatric disabilities. In a statewide sample of SE participants with serious mental illness, individual clinical characteristics were unrelated to competitive work or hours of services consumed. However, amounts(More)
In immigrant families, culture brokering (CB) occurs when children mediate the new culture for their family. The authors examined CB in Russian immigrant adolescent-mother dyads (N=226) to determine the types and amounts of CB that Russian adolescents performed, why adolescents assumed the CB role, and how the role affected adolescent and familial(More)
In immigrant families, culture brokering (CB) refers to the ways in which children and adolescents serve as mediator between their family and aspects of the new culture. This study focused on the debate in the literature about whether CB implies "role reversal" in the family and "adultification" of the adolescent or whether CB is better understood as simply(More)
Individuals who were demented were cared for mostly by members of the immediate household whereas those who were lucid received primarily extra-household assistance. Demented persons also received fewer hours of care from outside the household and from formal providers. It is argued that in cases of dementia, the household is likely to be the key unit of(More)
Child culture brokering occurs when immigrant children help their families navigate the new culture and language. The present study develops a model of the child culture broker role that situates it within the family and community economic and acculturative contexts of 328 families from the former Soviet Union. Path analysis was utilized to explore the(More)
The bi-directional nature of the neurovegetative symptoms of depression, as well as the differential response to antidepressant medications, underscore the existence of possible subtypes of this disorder. This study surveyed 56 physicians practicing psychiatry in Hawaii for opinions regarding the most effective antidepressant medication for the following(More)
A study was made of the possible association of double nucleolus organizers (dNORs) with Turner syndrome. Occurrence of dNORs was determined using the silver staining method of Goodpasture and Bloom [1975]. In 45 control subjects, the incidence of dNORs was 8.8%. Studies were done on 33 Turner syndrome patients. In 28 cases with 45,X or 45,X/46,XX(More)
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