Curtis Hillegas

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We demonstrate a new pulse-shaping technique, using an acousto-optic modulator as a spatial modulator in a zero-dispersion delay line. Compared with existing techniques, this approach simplifies optical alignment and dramatically improves update rates. It should also improve flexibility for generating complex waveforms.
The aggregate power use of computing hardware is an important cost factor in scientific cluster and distributed computing systems. The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) is a major example of such a distributed computing system, used primarily for high throughput computing (HTC) applications. It has a computing capacity and power consumption rivaling that(More)
Scientists today are generating more data than ever. In any high performance computing center, analyzing and visualizing large amounts of simulation data are becoming more and more challenging. Therefore, high performance computing centers will not only need to manage their high performance computational resources, but also develop state of the art data(More)
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