Curtis Davis

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Recent advances in next-generation sequencing technologies require alignment algorithms and software that can keep pace with the heightened data production. Standard algorithms, especially protein similarity searches, represent significant bottlenecks in analysis pipelines. For metagenomic approaches in particular, it is now often necessary to search(More)
The Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN)-12, headquartered in Chicago, has implemented a telepathology network between the eight VISN-12 hospital laboratories and Loyola University Medical School linked by an economical, high-speed wide-area network (WAN). Implementation of the WAN has reduced monthly telecommunications costs in VISN-12 by(More)
"Words are both better and worse than thoughts; they express them and add to them" [Tyrone Edwards]. Choice of street terms is a clinical expression of the mental state and the drug history of the individual which evolves from repetition and frequent use. Broadened experiences usually accompany continued use, including experimentation with esoteric and(More)
T o most, the national capital region (ncr) symbolizes the strength and leadership of a nation. In this compact location, a world-class transportation system that includes multiple international airports routinely provides air travel for the President , Vice President, and employees of vital government agencies, as well as throngs of enthusiastic tourists(More)
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