Curtis A. Jones

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AIM To determine the consequences of renal calcification in preterm infants. METHODS A cohort of 11 preterm babies was studied at the age of 4 to 5 years. They had had renal calcification as neonates. Seventeen matched controls were also studied. Each child had a renal ultrasound scan, a calcium load test, and a desmopressin test for renal concentrating(More)
Freezing of gait (FOG) is common in patients with Parkinson disease (PD) and responds poorly to medical treatment. Botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) injections into calf muscles decreased FOG in previous open-label studies. The authors conducted a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study of BTX-A vs placebo in 12 subjects with PD and FOG. No(More)
IBM's APL2/PC includes the AP488IBM and AP488NI auxiliary processors for the IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) to control a wide variety of I/O devices, instruments and tools. Process control and measurement in the lab and on the production line through the GPIB can be efficiently implemented with APL2/PC.The manuals for the GPIB software are(More)
29 In the off hours, groups of 3-4 APLers scattered about the resort; some simply socializing, others involved in APL discussions about improving the interpreter or exchanging solutions. During breaks in the conference, you can stumble across a conversation you can either contribute to or learn from. All this dialog between the ‘villagers’ is where I’ve(More)
Background: Physical activity for persons with Parkinson Disease (PD) is recommended yet little is known about the physical activity levels in this patient population. The primary aim was to assess the feasibility of using a direct measurement and self-report measure of physical activity in patients with PD. Methods: Physical activity was recorded in 11(More)
It is of interest to compare measures of association of binary traits among samples of bivariate data. One example is the comparison of association within a sample of monozygotic (MZ) twins to that within a sample of dizygotic (DZ) twins. A larger association in the MZ twins suggests that the trait of interest may have a genetic component. The Bivariate(More)
The IEEE-488 General-Purpose Interface Bus is a convenient vehicle through which APL can run a variety of devices and computers. This paper shows how a PC can be used with APL as a device on the bus, in contrast to the PC's more usual role as system controller. As an example, an APL workspace that emulates an <italic>x-y</italic> plotter attached to the(More)
The inner-product scan allows a straight-forward calculation of interest-bearing accounts or annuities without a loop in APL. It allows arbitrary deposit (or withdrawal) and interest each period. A defined scan operator for associative functions is provided to improve performance by avoiding the repeated reductions of increasingly long vectors that require(More)
APL96 was a fine conference. The folks in Lancaster are friendly and helpful. Well, Lancaster Castle has served, and still serves, as a prison. In 1660 one of the prisoners was George Fox, whose objections to the Church of England not only landed him in the castle but started the Quakers. His reputation has improved, and the conference was mostly held in a(More)
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