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Previously, energetic studies in exercising fish were carried out by invasive tissue sampling and online respirometry in swim tunnels. The use of "P -NMR techniques was restricted to "stop and go" procedures, animals being repeatedly moved into the magnet. These limitations were overcome in combined swim tunnel and NMR systems, by adequate adaptation of(More)
The Landau-Zener formula for the probability that a nonadiabatic transition has taken place is derived without solving directly the usual second-order differential equation. This is achieved in just a few steps by using contour integration.
Partitioning Hilbert space into two subspaces by using orthogonal projection operators yields compact forms for effective Hamiltonians for each of the subspaces. When one (the Q space) contains molecular bound states and the other (the P space) contains dissociative continua, a simple form for the non-Hermitian Q-space effective Hamiltonian, H(eff), can be(More)
  • Curt Wittig
  • Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  • 2012
Geometric phase is an interesting topic that is germane to numerous and varied research areas: molecules, optics, quantum computing, quantum Hall effect, graphene, and so on. It exists only when the system of interest interacts with something it perceives as exterior. An isolated system cannot display geometric phase. This article addresses geometric phase(More)
The photodissociation of expansion-cooled HI monomer by using 266 nm radiation yields H atoms having 12 830 and 5287 cm of translational energy in the HI center-of-mass system for the I(P3/2) and I( P1/2) ~i.e., I and I*, respectively! co-fragments. Irradiating HI clusters @i.e., (HI)n , with n52 being the dominant cluster# with 266 nm radiation produces,(More)
Photoinitiated unimolecular decomposition rate constants of rotationally excited NO2 molecules have been measured near dissociation threshold (D0) by employing a double resonance technique. Rotational selectivity has been achieved by using narrow-linewidth ~0.015 cm! infrared excitation to prepare specific rotational levels (N851,3,...,15, Ka850) of the(More)
It is easy to draw an intuitive parallel between the classical free electromagnetic field and its corresponding quantum, the photon-a spin-1 object. The situation with a massive particle such as an electron is less clear, as a real-world analog of the classical field whose quantum is the massive particle is not available. It is concluded that the fermion(More)
Laser pulses that act on fragile samples often alter them irreversibly, motivating single-pulse data collection. Amorphous solid water (ASW) is a good example. In addition, neither well-defined paths for molecules to travel through ASW nor sufficiently small samples to enable molecular dynamics modeling have been achieved. Combining nanoimprint lithography(More)
Interactions of 13CO2 guest molecules with vapor-deposited porous H2O ices have been examined using temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) techniques. Specifically, the trapping and release of 13CO2 by amorphous solid water (ASW) has been studied. The use of 13CO2 eliminates problems with background CO2. Samples were(More)