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This paper summarizes recent findings on the amygdala's role in mediating acute effects of glucocorticoids on memory consolidation in rats. Posttraining activation of glucocorticoid-sensitive pathways involving glucocorticoid receptors (GRs or type II) enhances memory consolidation in a dose-dependent inverted-U fashion. Selective lesions of the basolateral(More)
We have systematically characterized neuronal survival and growth in cultures derived from newborn/postnatal day 1 mouse cochlea. Dissociated cultures of the cochlear spiral ganglion provide an experimental environment in which to examine molecular mechanisms of survival, development and physiology of auditory neurons. To relate survival to the total number(More)
  • C P Richter
  • 1977
In alternating 12-hr periods of light and darkness, start of the dark period entrains the hamster's 24-hr clock. Blinding or constant darkness frees the clock of entrainment by allowing it to run faster or slower than 24 hr. Constant light frees the clock from entrainment and permits it to run slower than 24 hr--that is, lengthening its period. Heavy water(More)