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The impact of altered nutritional status is costly. Surgical patients have 2-3 times the risk of complications, length of stay is extended by 90%, and charges are 35-75% higher. Risk factors are numerous; therefore, collaboration among all members of the health care team is required to impact patient outcomes positively. The purpose of this article is to(More)
At NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, we are committed to the delivery of high quality care. We have implemented a strategic planning process to determine the information technology initiatives that will best help us improve quality. The process began with the creation of a Clinical Quality and IT Committee. The Committee identified 2 high priority goals that(More)
Preliminary data developed by the Health Care Financing Administration under its pilot cooperative cardiovascular screening project indicate that 50 percent of Medicare heart attack patients arriving in emergency departments who are appropriate for thrombolytic therapy do not receive it within the time period specified by the American College of Cardiology.(More)
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