Curt A. Flory

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The effective interaction between a static quark-antiquark pair is computed within the framework of (GE, Gy) # 0. Due to the static approximation the interaction takes the form of a potential, which is in striking agreement with phenomenological potentials. Submitted to Physics Letters B * Work supported by the Department of Energy, contract(More)
_ Some ofthe intriguing physical characteristics of the self-dual field of Leutwyler are simply understood in terms of classical physics and some simple analogue quantum mechanical systems. The field’s stability properties are clearly illustrated. Also, a surprising 0( 4) y s mmetry exists at the classical level, but is broken quantum mechanically via the(More)
A space-time constant solution to the equations of motion for Quantum Chromodynamics with massive quarks is shown to exist. This field configuration satisfies several properties that may be of phenomenological interest. (Submitted to Physical Review D) *Work supported by the Department of Energy, contract DE-AC03-76SF00515.
One of the factors limiting the achievable mass resolution in time-of-flight mass spectrometers is the non-zero extent of the ion spatial distribution along the dimension parallel to the extraction axis. The effects of this spatial distribution are normally minimized by placing the detector at the position along the flight path where the temporal spread of(More)
Integrated-optic acousto-optic filters have large asymmetric sidelobes that have not been explained in previous publications. We show that this is caused by waveguide birefringence nonuniformity. For the devices described here, the dominant cause of the nonuniformity is a thermal gradient associated with the generation and absorption of the surface acoustic(More)
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